Thursday, June 7, 2012

Larry Miller: Idiot

I cannot stress how silly some of our elected politicians are sometimes. I don't find people like Stephen Woodworth, or Alexandre Boulerice, or even good ol' Gilles Duceppe "silly" - just disagreeable because they hold opinions contrary to mine. That's no reason to facepalm, usually.

Then we come to someone like Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MP Larry Miller, who reminds me that the disease of stupidity we've seen infect a good portion, if not most of, US Congresspeople (both Representatives and Senators) does not heed to borders. Case in point:
MP Larry Miller Calls for Review of Canada’s Participation in the UN

Ottawa, ON – Larry Miller, MP for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, will voice his disappointment with the United Nations following recent reaction from the UN regarding Canada’s treatment of war criminals.

            The United Nation’s Committee Against Torture has voiced displeasure with Canada for its refugee reform bill. Furthermore, the UN “regrets” the CBSA’s Most Wanted List which targets war criminals and it also urges Canada to compensate Omar Ahmed Khadr and to bring him back to Canada promptly.

            Miller was further disappointed when a UN Food Rapporteur was sent to Canada to review food security. This 11-day visit could have been better spent in many other countries that are facing severe food shortages, rather than a high food producing country such as Canada.

            “The United Nations is an organization that was designed to work collectively to solve the major problems facing the world,” said Miller. “If this is the type of action that the UN will be taking then I think that it is high time that we review our participation in the United Nations."
Lol? I know the anti-choice MPs saw their chance to do some damage once the Conservatives got their majority, but now the John Bolton wannabes are coming out too? Beautiful.

I mean, review that and just think what Miller, who managed to get 28,744 votes in the last election, is saying. He's saying that Canada should review its participation in the United Nations... because they disagree with Conservative government policies!

For the love of whatever gods are out there, how blatant can you be? Can't Conservatives like a little criticism, especially considering that it comes from a source like the UN which usually knows what it is talking about?

I know what Miller supporters are going to say: oh the UN just made Zimbabwe's President it's tourism ambassador, and North Korea was given some security position awhile back, oh the UN is useless, ineffective, bad, it's globalization, they hate our sovereignty, Illumnati and Jews control it (I'd love to say that was exaggerated, but I've personally had that said to my face), etc.

Yeah, OK, the UN isn't perfect. In fact, it's pretty toothless outside of the Security Council, and even that's got its problems. Not saying the UN doesn't have issues. They also have a lot of very important arms and orgs, including peacekeepers, WHO, UNHCR, WFP, and many other acronyms. They're a very useful forum for world relations, for both major powers and for minor powers - we can't just treat it like it's got to be fair for everyone regardless of some of their domestic records, and that's a concept not many are willing to push, unfortunately, because of the hassle it creates.. It can be changed, of course, it'll take time and effort. Think about that.

But, c'mon, you can't seriously support the move to leave... because they disagree with Conservative policies! At least the above reasons are reasonable; Larry Miller is just an idiot if he truly believes what he's saying.

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