Monday, June 4, 2012

Environics Ontario Poll: 37% PC, 28% NDP, 25% Liberal

It's just one of a continuing series of polls to show the Liberals in third, though a very close third (in terms of the popular vote). It's actually Environics second poll to show this kind of result, the first being this one I covered back in April, and there hasn't been a lot of movement despite some seemingly worthwhile issues right now. The changes below are from that poll.

Environics (Ontario - May 23-25, 2012)
Prog Cons: 37% (=) - 63 seats (+6 seats)
New Dems: 28% (-2%) - 30 seats (-1 seat)
Ont Liberals: 25% (-2%) - 14 seats (-5 seats)
Greens: 10% (+4%)

The biggest change comes with the Greens, who've apparently jumped four percentage points since early April. This is, safe to say, fairly high for them, and the last time a poll showed them this high was August 2010. I think it's safe to say that any rise in Green support right now is more likely due to dissatisfaction with the three main party leaders, rather than any love for Mike Schreiner and the Ontario Greens.

For fun, though, the best Green riding in this case Dufferin--Caledon, where the Greens are tied with the Conservatives, 38% to 38%. Simcoe--Grey, where Schreiner ran last election, is second with 25%, though the Tories sit at 48% there.

And Kitchener--Waterloo? If this poll is accurate, the PCs would win with 45% of the vote to 24% for the Liberals, 21% for the NDP, and 9% for the Greens.

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