Sunday, June 24, 2012

Archive Binge

I'm sure that you've heard of CBC Archives which has many interesting videos from the past, both political and otherwise, and I'm sure some of you know that CPAC and Parliament have their own archives as well. However what you may not know - in fact what I did not know until a friend by the name of Matt Silk pointed it out - is that there is another source of historical videos out there.

For these videos you need to look south of the border, at the C-SPAN Video Library which has over 100,000 videos of events from the US and the world. Interesting is that they have videos of Question Period from 19871994, and other seemingly random years.

Perhaps even more interesting, to me at least, is that they have live coverage of election results rolling in. I find the video from 1993 to be of particular interest.

The problem is finding what you are looking for. While the search function is not "broken" per se, there are just so many videos and so many different words and terms to look though that getting to what you want is difficult.

Perhaps the easiest method is to do searches for videos broadcast by the CBC and/or the House of Commons and adjust the date as required.

I also apologize in advance for ruining any other plans you may have had for today :P

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  1. Following my account - - is another good way to find cool stuff, as when I find something neat, I add it! I've also clipped the 1997 election so the parts where the sound is not working are not included.