Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Another Unofficially Officially Declared Liberal Leadership Candidate

This time in the form of Jonathan Mousley, a government economist and former assistant to Liberal MP David Collenette, who is apparently a "proud lifelong Liberal" who is ready to lead a "rejuvenated" LPC. He also has tonnes of links to policies he'll be presenting set up, they're just not ready yet.

You may remember that we also had Shane Geschiere, a Winnipeg paramedic, jump into the leadership race. Finally, he has a confirmed unofficial official rival. I can't wait to see these two duke it out in whatever city we decide to hold the leadership election in. 

Add in David Bertschi, who is still "undecided" but apparently made a speech to the Economic Club of Canada calling for less top-down directives from the federal Liberal leadership (and I couldn't agree more), and we've got ourselves a real fight.

His site is linked above, for further information here's Jonathan's Twitter; his LinkedIn profile; and his Facebook. I personally hope to see some of his policies soon.


  1. This Mousley guy obviously has connections within the Liberal Party, and has an impressive resume, so why is he being such an amateur with his leadership bid?

    1. Money is a factor, probably. Naheed Nenshi's foray at first was fairly weak, and relied a lot on substance than style. It took awhile for his website, his organization, and his movement to build. The same could happen with Mousley, he just announced at the beginning of the month. Given that we've yet to finalize even the date of the election, he's got awhile until it matters.

    2. Still I would figure someone involved with the party would figure out a better way of announcing their candidacy then some random website. That other complete unknown was able to get a story wrote on him so you would think this guy could get some attention from the media.

      As well there are rules around spending money before an election is held so it would appear that he might be in violation of Election Canada's laws.

    3. Not if the website was already his to begin with, I don't think that counts. Bertschi has his own website - granted its more like an exploratory committee website, but it's still a website and it should be valid, since he likely owned it before.

      Then again, I'm not entirely sure of the rules around that sort of spending. If it is a violation, it's not exactly a major one.

      Otherwise, just because he's involved with the party doesn't mean he'll have party organization or funds, or even pull. It's a low key "start," if it's even his official start. Maybe we'll see more as time goes on.

  2. With all these unknowns running, maybe I should give it a shot. "TEDDY4PM"