Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Robocalls Suspect Makes an Official Statement

... more or less.

Just for some background, Andrew Prescott (a.k.a. "Christian Conservative," hint hint) is one of the biggest names to come up during the investigation into the robocalls controversy. He was a key operative on Marty Burke's 2011 campaign in Guelph, being a deputy campaign manager, and Elections Canada's investigators traced the IP used to log in to the "Pierre Poutine" account at RackNine back to a computer he used during the campaign.

Now, on his blog, he has officially said that, essentially, he can't be held responsible because he was ordered to do it. The quote from the Bible (Romans 13:1-5), basically lays out what's called the Nuremburg defense for him.

That is really the only way to read it. I considered briefly that he was saying he'll happily go through the legal proceedings if they happen, but that makes no sense. By quoting that passage, he is saying he believes whatever he was ordered to do he had to do, because the authority he followed was supreme.

Not sure if that means God or a Conservative operative, but either way, he's hinting at there being orders from on high (I think anyways, I could be wrong, he could also be quoting nonsense, which from some of his other blog posts, would not be out of character).

The video he posted, however, is just an attack on critics, "You're stuck on stupid!," saying he doesn't think that he did anything that was wrong, people should move on, etc.

Yeah, electoral fraud isn't wrong, Andrew. Not at all.

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  1. You are right. The Neremburg defense fits Prescott nicely. He forgets what happened at the Nuremburg trials though.

    The robo-calls are a direct hit on Canadian Democracy. Make no mistake, Canadians are furious. All the criminals involved in this election fraud, need to go to prison. Well over half of Canadians did not want Harper as P.M. Now 2/3 and counting Canadians, still don't want Harper as P.M.