Friday, May 18, 2012

And Now There's 164

A judge threw out the result of the 2011 federal election in the riding of Etobicoke Centre, which saw former Liberal MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj defeated by a mere 26 votes by Conservative Ted Optiz last May.

Thank God for our independent judiciary, folks.

The entire case revolved around voters illegally being allowed to cast ballots in the wrong polling stations, without showing or having verified proper ID, plus accusations of double voting. Who it benefitted, no one can really say, however Borys' team up to 181 ballots were false, and I believe roughly 50 of them were proven - more than the 26 needed to throw out the election result.

This will not result in an immediate by-election, as the government could appeal it to the Supreme Court, and it could drag on for months. Optiz will likely continue to keep his seat in the House until the SC holds up the lower court's ruling.

If there is a by-election to be eventually called, however, there is a very high likelihood of the Conservatives losing the seat, and a likely chance of Borys reclaiming his seat. There are always unknowns - the NDP could pick up the seat, they are second right now after all, and by the time a by-election is called, the Liberals will have a permanent leader and who knows how they will go over, plus riding redistribution (though will that affect it?) - but given the nature of the riding and the fact that Borys had one of the highest vote counts for a Liberal in the GTA, it's ours to lose.


  1. How could riding redistribution possibly affect a by-election in the riding? When there is riding redistribution it only ever takes effect on the day of the dissolution of parliament.

    1. Well, thanks for clarifying that.