Monday, April 2, 2012

Who Is Chris Vander Doelen?

He's some Conservative-oriented hack who works as a "columnist," and I use that word lightly, at the Windsor Star.

Here's what he had to say two days ago on the two budgets - Ontario's and Canada's:
The Ontario budget of Finance Minister Dwight Duncan went short term, abandoning good sense for mere political survival.
It looked out only a year or two to the day when the Liberals believe their minority government will probably fall and they face another election.

The federal budget of Jim Flaherty took the long, long view, looking generations down the road to our grandchildren. Flaherty talked, and acted, as though he had made decisions regarding fiscal stability which would last a lifetime much longer than his own.

Duncan postponed Ontario's difficult decisions, and put off the day the province will confront its gigantic structural deficit, which will continue at $15 billion per year until it takes major steps to rein in public spending.

Duncan claimed his deficit will be gone by 2018, after tough government spending decisions are made that he hasn't tackled yet, and if this economy recovers. Neither outcome is likely given the track record of his government.

The federal budget did the opposite: it confronted its proportionately much smaller deficit in ways that will probably erase it much sooner than they predict.

Flaherty predicts one more year of red ink in the $20-billion range, then $10 billion, $1.5 billion in 2014, gone in 2015.

Don't believe that: it will be gone at least a year sooner, maybe even two, knowing Flaherty and this Conservative government.
Yeah, that's right - he's claiming Flaherty and co. are, you know, "looking out for future generations," while they're raising the retirement age, ensuring we have less benefits when we retire, and ensuring that in the here and now, the programs that we, the future generations, rely on more, such as unemployment levels, tax credits for caregivers, the disabled, and local/regional investments are cut for fail to make the grade, and contains no provisions to help with the major youth unemployment problem in this country!! The federal budget is a mockery of working for future generations.

Meanwhile, in Ontario we have a budget that protects vitally needed programs for the future generations and the older generations, ensuring strong investment is maintained in educational programs, in healthcare, in social assistance, and keeping to the platform they were actually voted in on! McGuinty's Liberals have made sensible decisions by asking those that have the greatest ability to pay carry some burden while ensuring they're not left on the hook totally; sensible choices in where to cut and where to freeze, and have a plan to get there within five-to-six years without breaking the backs of the future generations.

Most of all, the McGuinty Liberals are willing to take on some of their core supporters because they want to do whats right, while the federal Conservatives put off all their controversial decisions so it doesn't affect their core supporters; drag investment and support to Western Canada where they will get the support no-matter-effing-what; and leave the rest of us, including Ontario where I'm assuming Vander Doelen lives (though he seems to be more at home buried in Jim Flaherty's backside) in the lurch.

I don't agree with everything in the Ontario Liberal budget, and I don't disagree with everything in the federal Conservative budget (in fact I like quite a bit of what's in there). I, an openly affiliated blogger, have more of a neutral position than someone who doesn't declare his affiliations and acts like he is neutral (as far as I can tell, maybe he does buried somewhere deep there).

Everyone's entitled to their opinions but my God, c'mon man. I've seen Angelo Persichilli write less partisan columns.

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