Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Think HQ #AbVote Poll - 43% Wildrose, 30% PC

This Think HQ poll is now the fourth poll in a row to show the Wildrosers moving far ahead of the PCs, with a 13-point lead over Premier Redford's Progressive Conservatives. Below are the changes in popular vote and seats from their last poll:

ThinkHQ Poll:
Wildrose: 43% (+10) - 61 seats (+31)
Prog Cons: 30% (-6) - 20 seats (-28)
New Dems: 12% (-1) - 6 seats (-1)
Liberals: 11% (-2) - 0 seats (-2)
Alberta: 3% (+1)

This poll also has some approval/disapproval ratings, which are as follows:

Alison Redford: 
48% approve, 43% disapprove (45-45 in Calgary, 45-43 in Edmonton)
Danielle Smith: 
56% approve, 32% disapprove (57-30 in Calgary, 50-42 in Edmonton)
Brian Mason: 
29% approve, 46% disapprove (23-45 in Calgary, 42-41 in Edmonton)
Raj Sherman: 
30% approve, 48% disapprove (33-42 in Calgary, 37-47 in Edmonton)

Goes to show why neither Sherman nor Mason are catching fire in this campaign, despite the existence of the ever-hoped-for right-wing vote split. It's also highly amusing that Sherman has the highest disapproval rating of the leaders, despite being relatively low profile. Maybe it's just the whole "Liberal" thing.


  1. It's interesting that as the PC Party gets weaker, the Liberals are going from having all of their "possible wins" in Edmonton, to having all of them in Calgary.

  2. It is, though its not surprising. 4/5 of their Calgary incumbents are still running, including the popular David Swann and Kent Hehr. They'd likely keep those seats versus Sherman keeping Meadowlark or Blakeman keeping Edmonton Centre.