Thursday, April 12, 2012

Second Quebec Poll Shows Traditional Parties Laughing

Which is a shame, as noted in the last post's comments.

Forum Research:
Parti québécois: 39% - 69 seats
Parti libéral: 34% - 50 seats
Coalition Avenir: 18% - 4 seats
Québec solidaire: 6% - 2 seats
Parti vert: 4%

Forum has an odd habit whereby it shows both the PQ and the Liberals much higher than they are in other polls, and the CAQ usually lower. I don't know why this is, but it really messes people up. However, it's no entirely crazy, so it's usable all the same.

Oddly enough Forum did their own seat count, and it's literally 69-50-5-1. Maybe they're punking off of me.

However they asked an important question for something currently dominating Quebec politics - whether or not respondents support the students or the government in raising university fees and the protests spawned from it.

Accordingly, 42% said they support the government, and 37% said they support the students. Unsurprisingly, 18-34 year olds massively support the students, but the higher in age bracket you go, the less support for the students there is. Student support is also Montreal-centric, with respondents in all other regions supporting the government.

Finally, among parties, 68% of PLQ supporters side with the government; 50% of PQ supporters side with the students; 48% of caquistes support the government; and 67% of QS supporters support the students. Kinda breaks down how you expect it would, no?

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