Thursday, April 12, 2012

PQ Still Riding High-ish...

Léger Marketing's monthly Quebec poll is out, and it shows... well, more of the same, really. It seems that the month-or-so between any major polling (excepting Forum) has not given new momentum to the CAQ, or the PQ, or the PLQ, really.

Léger Marketing:
Parti québécois: 33% - 72 seats
Parti libéral: 27% - 36 seats
Coalition Avenir: 22% - 15 seats
Québec solidaire: 7% - 2 seats
Parti vert: 5%
Option nationale: 1%

Phew, what a roster. It's more than a bit pathetic that on 33% of the vote, the PQ wins a massive majority.

Makes you wonder, though, doesn't it? For all the NDP brag about being the "federalist" alternative, Quebeckers seem more than happy to vote for strictly sovereigntist parties, which is PQ + QS + ON, or 41%. Clearly Quebeckers didn't embrace federalism all that much.

Here's a curious question, as well: will the NDP, as a party, throw their endorsement behind one of the provincial parties in Quebec? Or will it be anarchy, so to speak? I think about a dozen MPs have direct links to Québec solidaire, and probably more has had some sort of flirting affiliation with the pequistes.

Oh wow, wouldn't that be a fun headline - "NDP MPs back Marois government." Lawl.


  1. I do not think there is a problem here really. Many people in Quebec don't vote for PQ or QS because they are sovereigntist, but because they don't want the Liberals or because they are more on the left. In Quebec, there is no left party that is federalist.

    1. I agree, i probably would have voted for PQ or QS if i was in Quebec. This unpatriotic talk is nonsense to me. At the end, we want what is the best for the people , whether they live in Quebec, Ontario or anywhere in Canada.

      I think that Quebecois like the NDP federally , because if they want to be in Canada, they want it to be the NDP as government. The NDP is best to keep this country together for that reason.

    2. Exactly. I live in Quebec. I am member of the NDP, but in a provincial election, I would probably vote for Quebec Solidaire. In my decision, there is not only the constitutional opinion of the party, there are many other factors.

  2. I have to agree as well. There are those uni-lingual anglos who vote PQ - not many but they do exist - because of their left wing stances.

  3. Don't get me wrong, I understand and even support the idea of un-polarizing Quebec politics from the federalist-sovereigntist fight, and to a certain extent, it's already been done itself. I think the vast population in Quebec, except maybe 20% on either side, votes their conscience, or with their anger or anti-incumbncy, like normal.

    However, the fact is that parties like the PQ or QS are so much more attached to the fight than even the PLQ is, though they're pretty bad too. The parties clearly haven't caught up to the new political climate. That presents a problem as ineffective "post-sovereignty" parties like the ADQ and CAQ attempted to be keep getting crushed by the better-organized traditionalists, who cling to their arguments.

    Hence, a vote for the PQ, while maybe you vote for its ideology, still ends up being a vote for sovereignty. Same with QS, which despite its attempts, still crows about sovereignty all the same. It's just how it is. Unfair and stupid? Yes. But really, unless a party like the CAQ gets in, it's going to stay that way.

    Furthermore, the people in the Rest of Canada... we don't understand. The first public hint of the NDP in "cahoots" with the provincial separatists, and there will be hell to pay with the rest of us.