Thursday, April 19, 2012

John Laforet: McGuinty Bad, Call Election

In a bid to try to take McGuinty down after the closure of his astroturf organization, "Wind Concerns Ontario," John Laforet has taken to HuffPo to call for another Ontario election:
Let's have an election this spring and let Ontarians decide not simply who they trust to govern, but also whose plan for Ontario's finances they believe will serve our future best. 

Fixed elections seem like a good idea, until they become tools to allow a governing party to avoid disclosing their true plans until it's too late for voters to say or do anything about it. This isn't the first time McGuinty has run on spending and turned to cuts within months of claiming power -- but this is the first time the NDP and PCs are in a position to do something about it. 

For the sake of our province, let's hope the opposition gives all Ontarians an opportunity to vote on how best to handle Ontario's economic recovery, now that all the facts are available.
The man is clearly badgering. Laforet is essentially saying that McGuinty didn't run on a platform of cutting spending (except he did, it's p.53 of the platform); that the Ontario NDP's budget plans are sane (they're not); and that because scandals surfaced and Drummond's report came out, there should be an election (lolwut?).

Laforet is just a PC mouthpiece, or at the very least, an anti-Liberal one. Even if his intentions aren't shrouded in a cloak of biased ideology, his positions are at the very least naive.

We need an election because things have changed, the government introduced an austerity budget, and some scandal broke? Boy, I'd love to see Mr. Laforet transfer such logic to the federal Conservatives. I mean, clearly something's going on up there in Ottawa. OMG! There's been a change in opinion! Call an election!

Consistency demands Laforet stand by this point. But of course, pigs will fly first.

Let the Ontario Liberals do their jobs as the governing party. If their ideas can't work out, then let Ontarians send their mighty wrath McGuinty's way. But don't call for an election because of his nonsense. Let the government work, don't hold up our recovery simply because John Laforet dislikes Dalton McGuinty.


  1. I'm with you there. How does he explain Hudak's not taking part in bargaining? A typical con ploy right up there with going to the cottage, locking oneself in the toilet, being absent for important events and just plain stonewalling. Cons can't handle an Ontario election and they know it. Horvath's proposals are right on and we should go all the way on taxing the rich as a show of force. McGuinty better smooth over the tough talk with teachers though.

  2. The NDP is not insane. In fact they are leading the Liberals in recent polls. Also, I'd not brag about the core economic platform of the OLP being buried way back on page fifty flipping three.

    I'm very happy to be a card carrying member of the Liberal Party of Canada, but the Ontario Liberal Party needs to be crushed, very badly, in an election held as soon as possible.

    1. Frankly, as someone who by all measures qualifies as "poor" I really, honestly, don't know what Hudak can do that's worse than what McGunity is doing right now.

    2. As someone who qualifies as "middle class," I like the budget. It's what needs to be done. And the NDP can bugger off with the notions of taxing the rich, just for the sake of taxing the rich. It's grandstanding, not actual policy.

    3. i don't think the NDP taxing the rich for the sake of taxing the rich. McGuinty asked them how to pay for their amendments, and they replied with a very popular one, which is a tax hike on people making over 500k. It is 68% popular according to a Forum poll.

    4. I voted for the Ontario NDP last election, and if another is held soon, will do the same. The Ontario Liberals complained about the Harris cuts but then sat back and did nothing. They froze spending on things the poor need and allowed inflation to reduce these things BELOW the Mike Harris levels. Welfare is just one example. Transit is another. McGunity has been doing Hudak's job for him.

    5. Nazar,

      Argumentum ad populum. Besides, I didn't say it wasn't justified in the grand scheme of things (the rich should pay more, that's how reality works, though in a perfect world I'd prefer a flat tax, just never works out with income does it?), the NDP just push the policy because its symbolically "their" thing, not that it'll add to our coffers in any significant way.


      McGuinty's government has made the Ontario situation very streamlined and relatively efficient, even if it meant some cutbacks due to freezing spending levels. It's not the ideal situation but how much do you think we can spend? I'd love to see the McGuinty government unfreeze welfare rates - it was the topic of a project of mine - but, right now especially, we simply can't afford it.

    6. Volkov, McGuinty said that we needed a way to pay for amendments (signalling that the NDP are irresponsible children who want, want, and want more). The NDP answered with something even more popular (hey, stop protecting the rich). It's a chess match, and McGuinty should accept at these poll numbers.

    7. I think the NDP dropped their amendments, or at least the main one. Besides, this increase didn't cover the total costs of what the NDP wanted.

      Besides the point, though. McGuinty will accept the demand for a new tax bracket, it just doesn't change the fact that it's a strawman issue, the NDP need some sort of symbolic victory. Look what they're voting for otherwise. Not exactly Dipper brand bread-and-butter.