Sunday, April 22, 2012

Final Alberta Projections - Likely Wildrose Majority

Tonight I'm ready to call my final projections for the 2012 Alberta general election. I've actually had the numbers up since about noon, but we'll go a little more in-depth for right now.

You can see an in-depth, riding-by-riding version of these numbers on my Alberta 2012 page to the side, just a simple download link for a PDF file. Those are my final calls for each of the ridings, and if you're in Alberta, you can see where I'm predicting your riding to go.

I won't bore anyone with analysis right now - that'll be for tomorrow. Blunt Objects will feature a liveblog for the entire length of the results, and I'll be sure to include where you can watch the numbers roll in and other resources. In the meantime, feel free to comment, to analyze the numbers yourself, and do any number of things.


  1. Does your final prediction include the polls out today by Forum Research and Angus Reid?
    Angus Reid:

  2. I got the one done by Forum, yes, but I just found out about the Angus Reid. I'll include it today.