Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Everybody blinks except Mulcair

The NDP's English ad is out. It contains the script that the media got their hands on earlier, where the winner, whomever it is, talks about being a Cabinet minister *ahem*

The interesting thing, so I find, is that just about everyone in the ad blinks. The camera even zooms in on the girl on the bicycle when she blinks. Jogger guy blinks twice if I'm counting right. Even Olivia blinks. In fact in this commercial Mulcair is on screen for a longer stretch than in the French ad.

Now you might not have noticed this upon first watching, but your brain did. People have already commented that the French ad was oddly "creepy" but they can't put their finger on it. Your brain can - it's creepy when you see someone staring at you and not blinking.


  1. Note to self: never get into a staring contest with Mulcair.

  2. LOL. Why doesn't he blink? It's like he's the most intense person in the world. I don't get it.

    However, I love this ad. It's better than the French ad by miles, and it's better than anything we put out. And the biggest irony of it all is that the NDP have less money than we do!

    1. The NDP got a big jump in the per vote subsidy -- $2.3 million ever three months (Liberal get around $1.4 million). I know they're planning to ditch the whole thing, but I believe it hasn't been phased out just yet.

      As for why Mulcair doesn't blink -- what better way to present a strong leader than by removing all human weaknesses. ;)