Thursday, April 5, 2012

Campaign Res. #AbVote Poll: 17.1-point Wildrose Lead

It's not up through my usual sources but Globe and Mail mentioned it, and it originated on Stephen Taylor's website. Apparently, the Conservative-backed pollster releases their polls through a Conservative-backed blogger. Surprise.

But, in fairness to Campaign Research, of Cotler-call fame, their numbers are within the norms. I still don't trust them but until I see evidence they're fudging numbers, it's as legit as anything else. Changes from the last poll are in brackets.

Campaign Research:
Wildrose: 45.5% (+5.9) - 72 seats (+14)
Prog Cons: 28.4% (-1.9) - 12 seats (-12)
New Dems: 10.2% (-1.4) - 4 seats (-2)
Liberals: 11.3% (-1.7)

I'll update my main projections later tonight, but the Wildrosers have maintained their momentum so far into Week 2 of the campaign. Two-and-a-half weeks to go, we'll see if anything happens.

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