Monday, April 23, 2012

Bev Oda is ^NOT a Spendthrift, and Should ^NOT Be Fired

It's a common question these days: what exactly does it take to get fired from Stephen Harper's cabinet?

Before he was more secure in his position, it was Bernier getting fired for leaving documents at his biker girlfriend's, unattended and full with sensitive, if not 100% relevant, information. Under those circumstances, one can see why you'd be fired.

Following the 2008 and 2011 elections however, we've seen Bev Oda commit fraud; Peter MacKay use the military for partisan purposes; the government lie and obstruct on everything from the F-35 costs to the condition of Afghan detainees; and we've even seen the Finance Minister run the largest deficit in Canadian history keep his job.

International Co-operation Minister Bev Oda, however, has to be the major sticking point for those of us interested in government accountability. She is an absolute disaster. The KAIROS funding fraud, where she inserted the NOT, should've been enough to get her thrown in jail, nevermind reappointed to cabinet following her somehow amazing re-election in Durham riding, where apparently no one keeps an eye on this stuff.

Now we're getting the news that Oda has cost taxpayers over $2,000 because she didn't want to stay at a certain hotel, a hotel which had a five-star rating and where the government still had to pay for a room that no one used?

And the chauffeur for nearly $3,000? Really? Not surprising for Oda who has apparently racked up costs for limos in the past. Limousine Conservatives at their best, I assume.

Is the money a lot? No. But it speaks volumes about Oda, who is downright disrespectful of taxpayer's money. I don't think anyone expects her to ride around on public transportation, or stay in the local Motel 6, but for Christ's sake, you don't reject a five-star hotel for another five-star hotel which is more expensive, just on the basis of whatever material comforts you require! You're there for a few days, what does it matter?

If Harper has any sense whatsoever, he needs to fire Oda right now. She clearly doesn't give two shits about "respecting taxpayer's dollars," the common Con mantra.

But if outright fraud can't get her fired, why would this spendthrift Conservative get canned over contempt for taxpayers?

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  1. She is apparently repaying the difference between the hotels but not the $3000 limo. Fire her NOW.