Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WTF is Going on in Scarborough-Rouge River?

Complaints from a federal Conservative candidate, a provincial Liberal MPP, and a failed municipal candidate, who all ran within Scarborough-Rouge River's borders within the last two years, have pointed to sustained, possibly massive, vote fraud concerning Tamil residents who live within, and outside of, the district.

Marlene Gallyot, who was the federal Con candidate in 2011, claims that voters were showing up with unusable ID and registering illegally to vote. Bas Balkissoon, the Liberal MPP who won by just 4% last year despite winning by much larger margins beforehand, had similar claims, and pointed out that late additions to the voter's lists can come in and register with something as simple as a utility bill - nothing that actually declares their citizenship or their right to vote. Balkissoon even went door to door with these voter lists and found out people claiming to live there, never did.

Addresses claimed by people of Tamil origin didn't actually exist.

Gallyot says people were coaching voters, in the Tamil language, at the polling station.

Anonymous poll workers are claiming they were told to register voters even if they didn't have the right ID.

And all these allegations, mostly concerning Tamil names and Tamil voters, are all the more sensitive considering the historic win of the NDP's Rathika Sitsabaiesan, the first Tamil MP in Canada.

Clearly, there is someone, some group, organizing voters of Tamil origin to vote illegally in the riding - whether or not they live there. They've taken advantage of a faulty system and an over-active elections agency seeking more voters to pad the turnout with.

Something is very rotten in that riding, and we need to get to the bottom of it. If the federal Conservatives refuse to do the job, then let the Ontario Liberals and City of Toronto officials take their place, since it affects them as well. Someone, anyone, needs to do something.

I hope that Sitsabaiesan isn't involved either. It'd be a very shameful day for Canada if a historic election win ended up being a sham.


  1. You do not need to show ID. If you buy booze, rent a hotel room you need ID, but not to vote.
    They are too afraid of being accused of vote suppression, especially if minorities are involved.
    exact same thing in Vermont.

  2. You also can't swear an oath, or solemnly affirm you're being honest, at a liquor vendor. The ID isn't the problem, the election staff is for not catching it and putting their foot down during the election.

    The elections officials are liable for giving incorrect instructions to volunteers who should have known better and gone up the RO's chain of command. And they should have got that improper instruction on paper.

    We don't make voters prove citizenship because that would swamp workers, or extend voting into a two day event, using our current system.

  3. Then maybe the system needs to be changed, eh?

  4. I'm from that riding and I'm an NDPer for a long time. I was very surprised to see that it went NDP last time.

    The Tamil constituency went NDP last time around after being liberal for the longest time before that. I think that what made the difference, ethnic vote goes more like a block because of lack of history in voting in the homelands. It is more like a loyalty issue.

  5. What should we infer? I use the word 'infer' more and more regarding information, reports, clarification, correction or convictions involving the last Canadian federal election. Our current Harper Government clearly indicates that nothing illegal in fact happened and has even gone to court to sustain this position. Elections Canada (our electoral watchdog and investigatory body) states that extensive elector fraud has been reported and alleged in over 200 ridings and that they are investigating thoroughly. Thus almost 2 years later we are limited to inference.

    I will be very bold.. and infer that some group or 'party' had a huge need in Scarborough-Rouge or saw a wining potential if extra votes could be cast in support of a particular candidate and therefore the political party they represented. With that as solid footing or reasonably accurate inference.. I would then question why the Harper Government did not immediately come forward and insist that democracy be upheld as well as transparency and accountability.. and ensure claims of voting irregularities in Scarborough-Rouge be examined and any electoral fraud identified and acted on.

    That is what I would expect a responsible government to do. Since they did not, we are led to further 'infer'. The Harper Government either did not see this response as being in the country's best interest or they did not see it as being in their Party's or losing candidates best interest, or both at once. Since I cannot begin to understand how the Harper Government could not see immediate and thorough investigation was the required response on behalf of the country and democracy, I am left to infer the lack of response is because an investigation is absolutely not in the Conservative Party's best interest. The Party's needs supersede the needs or responsibility of The Harper Government and the people and democracy they represent ? What ?

    I guess we need to look at the voting numbers of the winner and the losers, examine voter ballots, turnout, rolls, names and party affiliations of scrutineers and poll volunteers etc and begin to infer-deduce if electoral fraud took place in Scarborough-Rouge and what the nature and motive for the fraud was. We can examine the actual campaign strategies and mechanisms used, such as live or robo calling, scripts and recordings and related databases. Then we can determine who should be interviewed or deposed. The old phrase in police investigation is 'follow the money' .. in this case it may be 'follow the votes' as the perpetrators of electoral fraud were after a federal electoral riding via its votes. Do this on a grand scale, say 10 ridings or hundreds of ridings and you could steal the entire election by winning a majority of ridings despite not having anywhere near a majority of the total votes cat.

    From what I currently understand, Elections Canada is investigating at least some of the 200 ridings that have reported intensive electoral grooming (the precursor to fraud on election day), intensive live and robo calling with related databases prior to the actual election day, and scripted fraudulent live and robo calls on election day in 2011. Fraudulent electoral fund raising-spending cases are reported and being investigated as well. I also understand Elections Canada is still trying to resolve cases from the 2008 federal election.

    I'll keep what I've 'inferred' to myself for now.. and await hopefully, a resolution or evidence produced by Elections Canada.. or clarification or judgement in the courts, as there are related actions currently being heard, despite The Harper Government attempts to see the actions and cases quashed or denied as 'frivolous'. I don't see a government like this lasting very long. Perhaps the next government will do better.