Monday, March 19, 2012

Toronto-Danforth Votes Liveblog

Tonight Elections Canada will be serving up a lovely by-election in an NDP-leaning riding, following the tragic death of its original occupant. Given current circumstances - we recently switched around the order of House seating, and Orange is bigger than Red - it's bound to be a bit of a spicy affair, but don't expect any surprises.

I'll be liveblogging until I feel its clear enough that the NDP have won (or not), which shouldn't take too long. But commentary is always nice. Just keep refreshing every couple of minutes. If you don't feel like reading my ranting, then follow the vote count here at Elections Canada.

Scott: 10,302 - 59.2%
Gordon: 5,004 - 28.8%
Keyes: 905 - 5.2%
Mugnatto-Hamu: 843 - 4.8%
at 10:00pm

9:58pm: Results been out for an hour, I'm calling this one quits. I'll explain what it all means tomorrow.

9:40pm: The Cons and the Greens will definitely lose their deposits on this one. And it's a nearly 10% drop for the Conservatives. What does that say about their operation?

9:35pm: Being about 30% is similar to what the OLP got in the October election - good sign, but the NDP are still creaming us.

9:23pm: It's definitely a two-man race, and the NDP are definitely dominating it. I'm not sure whether or not there's much more to say.

9:12pm: No surprises yet, but the Liberals are holding steady well above their 2011 results (18%). This could be an OK night for us, but its still pretty early, 15/196 polls reporting

9:07pm: Ohh, it's getting closer... by maybe a couple percentage points.

9:04pm: 5 polls now, and it's still 60% to 30%-ish. It'll be amazing if the Cons are behind the Greens though

8:59pm: WE HAVE VOTES! And it's Scott with 62% to the Lib's 33%. 79 votes total. Heh.

8:49pm: Apparently it make take until 9:30 to get results... I'll keep watch but unless it is updated before then, I won't write anything.

8:30pm: Damn you TorDan poll counters, update faster.

8:18pm: For those interested, here is an interactive map of how TorDan voted in 2011 - Liberals strongest in Greektown, it seems, which explains all those Greek Bob Rae signs.

8:10pm: Speaking in hypotheticals, what if Gordon wins? What happens then? Do the collective heads of NDP everywhere explode like in Scanners?

8:08pm: So I think I started this a bit early, but whatever. Let's talk candidates: there are eleven of them in TorDan right now. The main four, seven minor parties and independents. That's more insane than usual. They range from the right-wing Libertarians to the ultra-left CAP, to the insane, like John C. Turmel.

7:58pm: Woohoo! Let's get this party started. Not at home so I may not be that quick, but I'll try.

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