Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Today in the Realm of Useless Ideas

A merger of the Manitoba Liberals and Greens! What?

Though its been ruled out, I feel the need to comment.

A merger of the Manitoba Liberal Party and the Green Party of Manitoba, which together combined for 10.05% of the vote in 2011's provincial election, and would have gained zero extra seats even if every single Green voted for the Liberal candidate in their riding.

I know times are tough for the Liberals right now, but this line just kills me:
Last week, Liberal Leader Jon Gerrard said the party was looking at a range of options for greater co-operation with the Greens, and pointed to an alliance such as the Liberal-Progressive joint government of the 1930s as a possibility.
LOL! The Progressives of that era and the preceding Farmer/Labour coalition had wiped out first the Conservatives in 1920 and then the Liberals in 1922 and 1927 actually won elections. The Greens can't even field a full slate of candidates.

If you want to get involved in a joint government of some sort, the NDP are probably more than willing. Hell, it'd repeat 1930's election a lot more accurately.

Listen - I like Jon Gerrard, a lot. The man is committed and passionate about liberalism, about healthcare, about education, about everything that's right for Manitobans. But the fact is that the Liberals, just like the federal lot, aren't going to become winners because of a gimmick like hooking up with the Greens, who can barely organize themselves out of a box (just fyi, this isn't a knock against Green voters, just your organization, which you need to improve, just as much as I do my own). The Liberals need someone new, and Dr. Gerrard is far from that.

The Manitoba Liberals need a fresh face, bold policies, and a strategy. Why we believe we need a gimmick is beyond me, especially when the NDP, the Conservatives, and oodles of other parties in this country and outside of it didn't require it to become successful. It's about strategy and making sure you have the ability to implement it.

Hooking up with the Greens is of no strategic value. If this was Saskatchewan, I would say something different. If the Greens were not simply a protest group - evident by their dwindling or middling results across the country every election - but a successful protest group, like the Progressives or Reform, then I'd say something different.

But that isn't reality. The reality is the Manitoba Liberals, with the rest of us across the country, need new direction from a new generation. Before we drown ourselves in talks of mergers and coalitions, let us at least consider working to rebuild.

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  1. Hey, I know change is tough when it feels like conceding defeat.

    Unfortunately, due to vote splitting mainly, Manitoba does not have a valid threat to the NDP. That is a big concern for many Manitobans. So many, I would wager, that a united party which represents a valid government in waiting could (I say could) change how this province is ruled.

    Currently, it is ruled by a party akin to a Monarchy.

    Hopefully, it will go back to being a properly functioning constitutional monarchy (with the Queen back at the helm.)

    At least, that is an alternate opinion I figured I would share.