Tuesday, March 27, 2012

ThinkHQ #AbVote Poll: 36% PC, 33% Wildrose

Another pollster has put out this week showing another close race as compared to the trend from earlier this month and before, with the Wildrosers clearly benefitting.

PC - 36% - 48 seats
WRP - 33% - 30 seats
NDP - 13% - 7 seats
Lib - 13% - 2 seats
Alberta - 2%

This isn't good news at all for the Redford PCs. While two polls does not a trend make, it's starting to point toward a possible horse race. It's worse because ThinkHQ gave them 42% in their last poll. Their numbers in Edmonton are poor (32%), while they're lagging behind in Calgary (39% to 32%). In fact, with those numbers, Redford herself could lose her seat of Calgary-Elbow. That's just how bad it is.

But on the other hand, they remain steady in rural areas. For Wildrosers, who are strong in the south but weaker the farther up north you go, the key to beat down the PCs in central Alberta where they run up huge majorities still.

Anyways, it's added to my projections, though I'll update my seat projections later on today.

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