Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thank God for Québec Students

Maybe Ontario students will take a hint and keep an eye on our own tuition fees, which are highest in Canada (Québec's are the lowest, so I'm not that sympathetic, if only from the comparison).

I mean, McGuinty's pledge on tuition fees is awesome, don't get me wrong. But c'mon, man. I'm lucky to get my college paid for by family who can afford it - but I've heard way too many stories from friends about how their education is threatened because the fees keep going up and up. Some simply can't afford to stay, and it's not fair, considering how smart these people are.

I miss Iggy's pledge - you get the grades, you get to go. That was a fun few weeks. Maybe Québec students will keep the spirit alive, eh?


  1. "I'm lucky to get my college paid for by family who can afford it"

    Ah!! You are FILTHY Rich!!!

    (Considers, $80,000 a year or more to be "filthy rich")

    Or at least your family has saved well... but still, you are at LEAST rather rich

    (Considers $45,000 a year to be "rather rich")

    Or at MINIMUM rich


  2. What do you consider worth a $1-million or possibly more?

  3. Volkov coming from Quebec I must tell you that tuition has to increase to help pay our universities. This will not reduce accessibility as the poor get some extra funding to help them pay tuition (coming from the increase tuition fees) we need to increase tuition not to much, but the increase is over due. In Ontario your tuition is high and a decrease or a freeze will be needed. But we can't freeze tuition at a rate for over a decade increase will eventually need to happen. I agree with ways to reduce tuition, but that money needs to come somewhere. Being a fiscal responsible like myself I believe tuition should increase. students pay a fraction of their actual education. I still believe we should heavily subsides education, but in Quebec the scheduled increase should go, but no after that for sometime should happen.