Tuesday, March 6, 2012

On that AR Poll of the Robocall Issues....

I have some minor issues with the questions, but overall its cool. Take a look.

But, let me just point out one:
How likely do you think each of the following parties are to provide false and misleading information to voters through telephone calls with pre-recorded messages during a political campaign?
The results were pretty damning - 63% said the Conservatives would do it, 55% said the Liberals would do it, and 35% said the NDP would do it.

But, I mean, that question is utterly stupid. You're basically asking respondents whether or not they think the parties would lie about something in a robocall.

Hey, guess what - every single person thinks politicians lie. The question should have been:
"How likely do you think each of the following parties would provide false and misleading information to supporters of rival parties by pretending to be Elections Canada officials and directing them to incorrect polling stations?"
Or something less clunky. But something specific to the accusations - not simply do you think the politicians will lie in their pre-recorded messages. For Christ's sake, you might as well ask if they believe politicians lie every time they speak. You'd probably get similar results.

Other than some of the vagueness of the questions, it's a very unsurprising poll. The answer to most questions is most Cons disagree overwhelmingly; most Opposition supporters agree overwhelmingly. And because there are more of us than them, we essentially beat them every time.

Replace "Cons" with "AB, SK, and MN voters" and "Opposition" with "everyone else in Canada" and you get the same results for the other half of the poll.

Yet Canadians, according to the polls so far, still support the Cons. Amazing isn't it?

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  1. It's because we Canadians need better Civics education. We tend not to know the meaning/impact of various policies - except for the outward platitudes. We didn't know that Parliament elects the PM and chooses the government - NOT the First-past-the-post system.

    Now, I have the distinct feeling that some Canadians don't completely understand how this is the most serious political crisis in Canadian history... Some work will be required...