Saturday, March 24, 2012

#NDPldr Amateur Hour

I've spent my night at work reading up on the candidate speeches that I didn't get to see from the NDP leadership convention, particularly as told by Andrew Coyne and Jeff Jedras.

Wow, who let these kiddies out of the playpen?

Granted, people have said good things about Nathan Cullen's speech, though Coyne panned it as pretty much standard NDP fare., Given 20 minutes to talk though, I don't get the great impression that he brought down the room either. But hey, we'll give him a break.

Then we turn to the rest of the crowd and... what the hell.

Mulcair, the frontrunner, apparently spent nearly 15 of the 20 minutes alloted to him making an introduction, then rushed an entire speech.

Topp barely veiled his contempt for Mulcair and, watching some clips myself, didn't offer anything substantive in true Topp style, doomed to utter failure.

Dewar still can't speak French.

And Nash failed utterly and completely, with crappy testimonials and being cut off by the mic.

I mean, what the hell? Weren't these people supposed to be the greatest ever assembled leadership candidates? So substantive and strong?

Why the hell can't the "top tier" properly organize their big convention speech, then?

I wasn't around for 2006, and I gather maybe the Liberal leadership race wasn't too well polished either, but was it as bad as that?

Maybe I'm used to the polished speeches of the politicians down south, most of whom, Democrat or Republican, do a good job at speechifying. Whatever's gone on at the NDP's convention seems to be a depressing act.

But hey, I heard Martin Singh's cartoon was cool...

Oh yeah, apparently between 57-60K have voted in advanced of today. That means they need between 5-8K to vote live today to surpass 50% turnout. Possible? Yes, maybe even likely. But I'll stick my foot down right now, damned either way - no more than 70,000 will vote overall. Let's see how I do.