Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"The lower-downs don't get a choice."


I like BCL, a lot. Great blogger, great addition to the LPC family.

But really?

"A merger of parties has to be like a merger of companies. The lower-downs don't get a choice."

I get his point in context - talking about how those deeper within the party ranks tend to be more stubborn, especially those in powerful positions. And to a point, he's right. Those aren't the sort of people we should let dictate the direction of the party.

But neither should we allow our party to be directed solely from the top. That's just... well, it's the reason why barely anyone will vote for the Liberals. It's arrogant. It's elitist. The members, the "lower downs," have just as much say in the fate of this party than the higher-ups do. If we merge solely on the whims of a leader or a group of big-wigs at the tops, then nothing would have changed. We'd just infect the new party with that sense that the entitled get their entitlements, grassroots be damned.

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