Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Leger and Forum Poll Show Alberta's Close Race

Leger Marketing and Forum Research have polls out, one which shows a close race and one that shows a blowout for the Wildrosers. Let's go through them:

Forum Research:
WRP: 41% - 57 seats
PC: 31% - 24 seats
NDP: 11% - 5 seats
Lib: 12% - 1 seat
Alberta: 2%

As you can see, this is unlike any other poll so far, though it's much different from their last poll. Could indicate the final direction, or just how Forum reflects the new trend in Alberta. Either way, it's a blowout.

Leger Marking:
PC: 37% - 53 seats
WRP: 34% - 29 seats
NDP: 11% - 5 seats
Lib: 12%
Alberta: 2%

 Leger is obviously a lot more kind to the PCs, though with ranges, it still puts them in trouble.

Overall, my projection has dropped down to just 55 seats for the PCs, to 23 for the Wildrosers. With ranges, these parties are in contention for government.

I'll post the full projection plus seats either late tonight or tomorrow. Things have definitely shifted in the Wildroser's favour though. And the Alberta Liberals? Not looking too good, I'll tell you that right now...

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