Friday, March 9, 2012

Hey, Israel Apartheid Week People...

Fire Charlotte Kates as a spokesperson before she causes any more damage than has already been done:
Which is exactly the point, says Charlotte Kates, a spokesperson for BIAC. “We're part of an ongoing campaign to boycott Israeli goods until it complies with international law.”

... But what Kates means by “complying with international law” in fact turns out to be the dissolution of the Jewish state. “Israel has no right to exist,” Kates said. “No state has a right to exist as a racist state. There is no exclusive state for any group, or any people. Israel exists through the continuing dispossession of Palestinian land. Seven million Palestinians are prohibited from returning to their homes because it is said they will disrupt the demographic majority in Israel.”
Seriously, I understand - though disagree heartily - with the full context, but you know, that right there is what's going to be the main thing on everyone's mind next time your name or her name comes up.

Just sayin'.

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