Friday, March 30, 2012

Forum Poll of Ontario: 34% PC, 30% Lib, 30% NDP

That's a close race for sure, though despite tying the Liberals for second, the NDP remain in third place.

Forum Research:
Prog. Cons: 34% - 42 seats
Ont. Liberal: 30% - 35 seats
New Dems: 30% - 30 seats
Greens - 5%

This poll is actually more important than it seems, given the uncertainty over the budget. This wouldn't be a disastrous result for the Liberals, but it'd be worse than where we are now. It's also not a good result for the Hudak PCs, given that other polls put them in clear majority territory. It's the best poll for the NDP by far, who haven't been above 25% since the election.

But that's also key here: no other poll has the NDP that high. But Forum is gaining a bit of a reputation for catching trends first, though we'll see what happens here.

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