Friday, March 2, 2012

Did We Just Find the Smoking Gun?

From HuffPo:
A Mission, B.C., woman says she was given misleading information by the Conservative Party a few days before the May 2011 federal election.

Astrid Dimond said she had been called six times for Conservative donations during the last election. After a seventh call, she said she did an internet search on the caller’s phone number, which had shown up on her call display.

"It came up as the Conservative Party in Victoria," Dimond said.

The next time she received a call from the same number, she told the caller she was supporting the NDP in the election in the hopes the calls would stop.

Two days before the election, Dimond said she got another call from the same number.

“[The caller] just said, ‘Did you know the polling station had changed,’ and basically, I said, ‘No it hasn't,’ and that was the end of the conversation. I wouldn't let her continue because I knew it was a falsehood."
 Holy crap, Batman!

Obviously we don't know whether Ms. Dimond's story is true yet, but if so, then that's a serious breach of Elections Canada rules by the Conservative Party, traced exactly back to the Conservative Party!

It's a bit different though, isn't it? Instead of a robocall and a number from North Dakota, it's a live person from Victoria. That could be consistent with certain other calls, but not with the ones we've seen so far out of Guelph.

In other words, this isn't Pierre Poutine's work. It's a lot more sloppy than that, if true. So think about that before we all jump to conclusions.


  1. That is so far from a smoking gun, let alone a gun.
    I can tell a story about how I was abducted by aliens last night as well. It has as much weight as this story.
    You want a smoking gun? Provide her phone records showing the same number called her house 8 times including a call 2 days before the election. Trace that number to the Conservative party. Get a recording of the calls made to her (I suspect all the calls were recorded).
    Until then all it is is a sensational story. Get some actual facts before claiming you have a smoking gun.
    We need to stop jumping to conclusions without facts or we will all look stupid.

  2. I told my roomate, on Tuesday, that there were 3 things that needed to happen before we'd see something that we had not seen since 1987.

    1 - The robocon story needs to stay in the headlines until Friday (today). This is done.

    2 - The story needs to have an impact in the polls. This means not only that the media and pollsters will want polls, but they will change things. This comes in to play over the next 2 weeks. This means the Tories at between 30% and 32% in the polls, or lower.

    3 - The NDP needs to elect someone good as leader. This, in short, means Mulcair or Topp.

    If all of these happen we could see the NDP topping national polls for the first time since 1987. Considering an election is many years down the road, I would not mind this.

  3. Shawn,

    You'll have noticed that I said several times about how WE DON'T KNOW YET, and how WE SHOULDN'T JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS. The fact that there is a question mark in the title of this post should have been your first clue, but apparently you don't take not-so-subtle hints very well.


    Ekos came out today with the Cons at 31% - but this is Ekos, and they always have them that low, so I dunno, take it as you will.