Monday, March 26, 2012

Alberta Votes... On April 23rd

And I've had my election page up for a month and half, go figure.

But yes, Premier Alison Redford has called an election for the twenty-third next month, and it'll be quite a doozy. For some awesome commentary from everyone's favourite ex-Calgarian who likes to think he still is, read up on this post by Dan Arnold, a.k.a. Calgary Grit, and keep an eye on him for the whole campaign.

For my part, I'll keep up on the news and offer commentary where commentary is due. I'll also be throwing up every couple of days the "10 Ridings to Watch" in this race, according to me. It'll be fun, trust me.

Otherwise keep an eye on my Alberta 2012 page. It's not fancy, but I'll update it every chance I get to. Right now it's getting stale but that's what happens when no one polls since the beginning of March.

And in case you were wondering about my track record on predictions, I covered it all here. I'm hoping to make Alberta one of my best results yet.

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