Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Toronto-Danforth Polling!

308.com graphic 
And it's exactly the same as what happened in May 2011!

This is going to be an uneventful by-election. While it is a riding poll - they're not always to be trusted - and the campaign has really only just begun (Feb 12), I'm not surprised in the least about what its showing. Toronto-Danforth is an NDP riding in an off year; it's definitely an NDP riding while they're the Official Opposition, leading consistently in polls, and the Liberals are still not up to par.

It can change, to be sure. Craig Scott isn't an exciting candidate (though neither are the others), and all it takes is one slip-up. I hope to work toward that end in my coming week off. But for now, let's call this race as it is - the NDP's to lose.


  1. Looking at those numbers -- Topp should have run. He would have had nothing to lose.

  2. He would have had a lot to lose. If he lost the leadership he'd then have to, you know, commit to Canadians and the NDP. This way when he does lose he can slink back into whatever the hell self-serving thing he's been doing.