Monday, February 13, 2012

This is Getting Better and Better....

Apparently 2008's and 2011's Liberal candidate in Toronto-Danforth, Andrew Lang, was asked to step aside in favour of a "star candidate," but instead stepped aside for a "no-name" candidate, named Grant Gordon, and now Lang's getting aggro over it (and by proxy getting Kinsella miffed).

Two things, I guess... one, Lang doesn't seem to be the most agreeable person ever, especially where I come from. That's beside the point, of course, but here is some facts: Lang never got the job done, and as far as anyone is actually concerned, he's just as "no-name" as he says Gordon is. He didn't have to step aside, but he decided to anyways. Maybe there is a valid complaint about the process, but I sense a lot of bitterness in Lang's comments. Little real substance. Understandable but lacking anything to hold on to, know what I mean?

Secondly, let's just get this over with. I'm not necessarily a fan of Gordon based on some comments said so far, but we don't need to dig the hole any further down than we already are. If we aren't careful, we're not just going to end up a distant second, but probably third or fourth. What's done is done and what's said has been said. We're in the middle of an election, and one of the brilliant things about the Conservatives and NDP is that despite internal squabbling, they don't let it get in the way of an election! Why can't we?

Liberals for some reason tend to air their dirty laundry at the worst possible times. Let's stop that practice. We have our disagreements, and there's room for constructive criticism, but enough of the backbiting (I'm guilty of it too, so don't think I'm singling anyone out). Save it for after the by-election, and maybe we can get through this alive.


  1. I agree! I am not sure that the people who are doing this public back-biting understand how much damage this is doing. It almost appears that they would rather they party go down in flames if they can't have their way.

    If it continues, the public - the average person with liberal values - whose money and votes the party needs, will walk away. I can tell you, my wife and I were so close to doing just that after last that we just about left forever. Now we are seeing it again with this kind of thing and the Rae baiting.

    It is so offensive and demoralizing. It makes the practitioners - and the party by reflection - appear as small minded, nasty people who only care about their own personal gain.

    Surely you can get your point across and direct your critiques at each other directly, without poisoning the public well.

  2. Why didn't this happen to the NDP and CPC? Simple: Layton and Harper would have kicked the troublemakers out of the party.

    We need to find everyone who identifies as a "Strong Chretienite" and "Strong Martinite", and revoke their memberships. Then we need to find everyone who feels they "deserve" to be an MP, Senator, or any other position, and revoke their memberships as well. We could even donate to them $10,000 so they could start the "Arrogant and Elitist Civil-War Party" so that the media will forever have something to report on.

  3. The AECW Party - I like it, Teddy. I like it a lot.