Monday, February 27, 2012

Staffers Dropping Like Flies

That makes two staffers now - one from the Cons, one from us - to resign in less than week as rumours of misconduct and so on swirl about. Amazing.

What Adam Carroll did was reprehensible, that's clear. I'm glad that Rae apologized, gracefully so. Vikileaks was ridiculous and idiotic, though that still doesnt't excuse Baird and co. attacking the NDP or the opposition for being behind Vikileaks without evidence. But, overall, the case is closed.

Mike "Ballot Box Stealer" Sona's case, on the other hand, is just beginning. Now that there's clear links between Racknine, the robocalls in Guelph and 37 other ridings; and an implied connection with Sona (who knows, really?), who knows where things will go. It's possible Sona had nothing to do with it, or he could be connected. But there's a problem somewhere in the Conservative Party, and Sona's resignation/termination (I'm not sure which) is just too coincidental.

Maybe these staffers are taking the blame, or maybe our parties aren't keeping enough tabs on them. I guarantee Carroll and Sona won't be the last, though, as these various scandals continue to erupt.


  1. Nixonian culture in the Liberal party. This is very similar to what they did to Danial Elsberg.

  2. I wouldn't worry. Rotterdam has been pretty busy spamming that very comment everywhere

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    3. After I had just replied to your comment over at BigCityLib's blog, I come here and see Rotterdam at the top of the list - haha. *Nixonian* must be his word of the month, he's just a little confused as to the real meaning.

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