Tuesday, February 14, 2012

On the Younger Trudeau

I think Justin was just trying to make a rhetorical statement about the direction the government of Stephen Harper, rather than it being a serious statement about thinking Quebec should separate.

Moreover, I doubt that he's alone, not just in Quebec, but across Canada. I mean, hell, how many times did certain conservatives imply the West should separate because of the direction of the Chr├ętien government? I doubt many of them were serious. We make more of a hullabaloo because he's a Trudeau and he's a Liberal.

But, wow, what a stupid way to put it as he did. This will come back to haunt him for sure. He does need to clarify, majorly.


  1. Maybe he's trying to figure out a way to convince people that he doesn't want to be leader...

  2. Our current prime minister thinks it doesn't matter that Canada ends up with one, two or ten national governments. In this context, I think it is quite acceptable for any federalist to reconsider federalism and the form it may take.

  3. Hear, hear Loraine Lamontagne. Lovely moniker BTW.

    I fully concur with young Mssr. Trudeau. Nor do I think he put it badly as you would have it at all, Blunty.

    I think he was circumspect, thorough and correct.

  4. I think it's refreshing for an MP to speak his/her mind, not necessarily towing the party line. Would be nice to see some of those Harper puppets do the same.

    I was just reading the screeching of some of the blogging tories over this. Oh, how they don't get it, as usual. But then, they applaud every move Harper makes, probably including the latest warrantless, on line spying bill.

    I agree with what Justin Trudeau says. I hope he doesn't walk this one back. Although, he probably will end up doing just that.

    I used to never give Quebec sovereignty a second thought. Now, since Harper is doing his worst, I've been less and less attached to federalism. What is there to love about Harper's Canada? Seriously? I know many of my progressive friends of any partisan stripe think the same way. Heck, some of my progressive friends outside of Quebec have told me they would entertain the idea of coming to a sovereign Quebec if Canada keeps going in this direction.

    As for leadership, Trudeau has said that he doesn't want to be leader. That he will only entertain the idea once his kids hit highschool. That won't be for another 10 years, at least. By then, Harper will most likely have destroyed Canada at his whim, beaten down Canadians, etc. Quebec may even be sovereign then. Lots of things can happen. It's possible that Trudeau's remarks will be long forgotten by then.

  5. He lost a political debate. Now he wants to take his marbles and leave. He is a quitter. As much as his father screwed this country, he never quit, and certainly loved fighting separatists. Justin on the other hand,.....well, try not to slam the door behind you.

  6. Hey rotter - remember your compatriots threatening to leave during Chretien's years?

    Your opinion isn't worth a warm pitcher of piss.

  7. CK,

    Well, Trudeau didn't backtrack - he clarified, and he clarified very well, didn't he? Makes me almost want to agree with him...

    Of course, I don't agree but hey, got a point...

  8. honestly this isn't scandalous at all from my point of view at least, all he said was he thought the idea of being in a progressive Quebec then a right Wing Canada is intriguing. It's actually funny when you think about it. Saying that we hate Harper's policy so much that we would even think of joining an independent Quebec. Frankly this is a nothing. The fact that Trudeau actually had to explain himself just discredits the media so much.

  9. As an American who loves Canada for it's progressive politics, I agree with Justin 100%. Stephen Harper is Canada's idea of our Bush. The USA is becoming a religious freak show, and the LAST thing Canada should do it follow our pathetic example. The progressive and liberal citizens of Canada need to UNITE and dump Harper ASAP. He is using the playbook from the US Republican party, and you see where that is going. Rick Santorum? Canada has a better political system, is very lucky to have the progressive Quebec influence, and needs to remain a liberal country. Period.