Friday, February 10, 2012

"My opponent, I don't think he's a true Liberal to be honest. He joined the party in December."

This has to be one of the most ignorant statements I have ever heard.

I'm sorry, but just after we opened up the Liberal Party to Supporters, just after we as a Party endorsed the notion that we need to open up and become an inclusive, welcoming group of individuals, that statement is unbelievable.

I'm probably shooting myself in the foot here if I plan on having a future within the Liberal Party, but if that is still the predominant attitude within our Party, we clearly have not learned the lessons of May 2nd.

Until we eradicate such attitudes within the Liberals, we're going to be stuck in the far corner of the House for a very, very long time, friends.


  1. The real unfortunate part of this story is not, I believe, one misplaced statement of a Liberal candidate, but the troubling signs of efforts by rightwing groups to highjack any group for their own purposes. Look at the so-called Liberal Party of BC - if that is a Liberal Party, why do we need conservative parties?? In this case the so-called "Liberals for Life" were out in the open about their activities, will these events simply teach them to be more stealthy in the future? I am all for opening any and every party up to greater democracy - but how are any of us going to address the base, dishonest, nefarious tactics of the rightwing which will do literally ANYTHING to win?

  2. kirby, not a single soul who attended the rally and was not Carolyn Bennett said the Liberals for Life were out in force. Not one. So don't give me that BS.

    And BC is very different - the Liberals are one half of the business-friendly coalition that's existed since the 1940's, when there was literally the Liberal-Conservative coalition.

  3. The Liberals are in the position they are in right now because they are far more inclusive party than the Conservatives. Conservatives have a vision. They have goals. The Liberals have neither. Conservatives also have what the Liberals do not have, viz., a base. Having a solid base of supporters and donors goes hand in hand with actually having a program.

    So long as Liberals continue to try to be all things to all people and try to wallpaper over their complete lack of vision by speaking of pragmatism they are doomed.

  4. That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard Koby. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow Volkov, pretty hostile reaction to my comment which was in no way hostile to your post. It was very clear the so-called "Liberals for Life" were out there involved in the process, I read about it several places in the lead up to the nomination, in both blogs and regular news sources. Furthermore, a number of high-profile rightwingers were very vocal in the early part of the last decade talking about stealthy takeovers of opposition groups.

    As for the Liberal Party in BC, yes Liberals in general have been surprisingly corporatist but it is also clear that the BC Liberal Party is more rightwing than most provincial Conservative Parties.

    I don't know what "BS" you are talking about, but I am very sorry to see that one of the few Liberal Bloggers who I can usually depend upon for measured, rational, and friendly communication, is resorting to such hostility. Really too bad.

    Either way, it still leaves the question unanswered. In a context in which the rightwing is willing to do anything to win, how are others to respond?

    Goodbye and good-luck Volkov

  6. kirby,

    In no way did I mean to be "hostile" towards you, as that's just the way I say things. Koby's different.

    I do however have "violent disagreement" with you. L4L was not out in force, Bennett and the media hyped it up and labelled Haitas as the "anti-abortion candidate" when he never ran on a platform concerning it, nor had it been an issue before the endorsement, and this has been all the work of a sensationalistic media and, frankly, closed minds.

    I apologise if I've come off hostile but this has shaken my faith in the Liberals a bit.

  7. Trudeau was "not a Liberal" and is still the most well known Liberal around.

  8. In other words you're saying that Haitas was smeared as a pro-life stooge by the party insiders as a way to make sure the favoured party candidate won, and the media fell for it?

    That's not a story I've heard elsewhere. Do you have more evidence?