Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Majority of Canadians Don't Like Bill C-30 - AR Poll


This AR poll is the highlight of my week so far - which just started, mind you - because its just awesome.

As reported by HuffPo, the poll shows that 53% of Canadians find Bill C-30 overally as too intrusive, overall, while 27% say its necessary and 19% aren't sure. But there's more too it, of course.

First off, 45% of Canadians are paying attention to this issue. That is, in a politically jaded country, a huge amount. So good on the Opposition and the media for focusing on it as they are.

Second, there is some discrepancy between the 53% who find it too intrusive, and when people are polled on the specific measures of bill C-30, like as follows:

So clearly, there is some parts of Bill C-30 which people wouldn't mind. But the warrantless stuff is clearly not popular. I still think some of it is misconception, but clearly there is a big issue here.

So, will Vic Toews do the right thing and re-introduce the popular measures to the House, while throwing out what are clearly unpopular decisions? Probably not. But at least we know the Opposition is on the right side of this issue.

And relating back to my previous post on Bill C-30, clearly I skipped on some things - like the back door provision - but my point, I feel, does still stand, as ISPs can still do all this, and probably do, without your permission. Police only need their co-operation.


  1. A majority of the electorate doesn't care much for the Harper Conservatives either.