Monday, February 6, 2012

Globe Columnist Tamara Baluja is Clueless

As is very evident by this article she wrote for the globe, chastising the Liberals for "lagging" in the upcoming by-election on March 12th 19th, because we don't have a candidate yet.

Well, Ms. Baluja, is you had a single clue in your head as to anything, you'd realize that we didn't know the date when the by-election would be called. Only the PMO and the Conservatives were aware of that, and given that we had until February 26th to call it in the first place, you can quite rightly go stuff yourself in a deep, dark hole. The timing of the nomination meeting is absolutely pointless in this regard.

Most of all, it's the association's decision. Saying such a stupid line like:
The thus far muted response from the Liberals – the party’s headquarters were redirecting calls for interviews to the local riding association in the Toronto-Danforth riding – is strange given the Liberals are trying to revamp their image...
It shows how dim the bulb really is for her. It's not the central party's decision by any means - it's the EDA's. And the best way for the Liberal Party to revamp their image is by allowing the EDA to run its own affairs, not meddle in it like you are implying.

But no, the media looks around for a way to stick a pointy stick into the Liberals because they like kicking us while we're down. Clueless, sensationalistic crap.


  1. I'm a Liberal and I refuse to be down. And whoever thinks that Liberals or the Liberal party is down can stuff it in their ear. As for the media, they are all clueless or they lie for the dear leader.

  2. I have to disagree. Everyone knew there would be a by-election, and everyone else has picked their people. We look foolish. You can cite technicalities, but we still look foolish.

  3. The TD Liberals threw out their nets, they got interested candidates, now they're holding a nomination meeting within a week of when the unscheduled call for the by-election was actually called - the only way it makes us look foolish is because of the media. We've had everything in place.

  4. If the media makes us look foolish, then we look foolish. In politics, perception is reality.