Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Shorter Bob Rae

I think this government sucks and the government I ran, which most people think sucked, doesn't suck as bad as this one does.

I kid, of course. His speech was actually very worthwhile to listen to and I enjoyed every moment of it. I have conflicted feelings over Rae - we've experienced his time in office, that experience is a liability, and frankly I don't want a coronation. On the other hand, the man really does deserve our support. He has steadied this ship and shown he can run the Liberals without total destruction.

Now, you can put this down to a number of factors, a majority of them not being of Rae's doing, but rather because of the political climate and, overall, the fact that the Conservatives aren't willing to pull out the rug until we have a permanent leader. After all, despite all the hints that Rae may run, and the clearing of the way for him to run by Alf Apps, he is still an interim leader and there is no guarantee he'll actually run. While the Cons have loads of money, there's no reason to waste it on the uncertainty that is Rae.

But, regardless, he's a good leader. I say he should run - just step down sooner rather than later as interim leader. If he doesn't, then we're just repeating history.

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