Sunday, January 1, 2012

Proof That Iggy Deserved Better

The man chided as aloof, elitist, and "unCanadian" wrote a beautiful article that summed up what's going on in our recession wrecked world, how inequality is continuing to spread even if we rich Canadians don't see or feel it, and why politics must change.

Read for yourself, and tell me that Michael Ignatieff wouldn't have made an awesome Prime Minister. Better than what we currently have and, yes, even better than Salesman Jack, may his soul rest in peace.


  1. Sprinting to get to head of that parade, is that what makes Iggy great?

  2. Deserve's got nothin' to do with it.

  3. Politics of fairness, what does that mean? My understanding of what politics is, and by all definitions I am aware of, suggests this article is problematic on many points and appears to be one written to fill a column.

  4. Don't all successful politicians necessarily have sales*man*ship in their skill set?

    Don't need to get all bitter Volkov because Iggy was bad at selling himself and the party.

  5. deBeauxOs,

    There is salesmanship - being able to sell a product/brand/ideal - and then there's being a salesman, mostly of the snake oil variety, which to me, Layton exemplified as a politician. That's not bitterness, that's just how I see it.


    If that's your view... I see nothing problematic with what Iggy laid out, except the need to get over the, erm, entrenched cynicism. Or as I like to call it, douchebaggery.