Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Forum Poll for Alberta

The new poll done by Forum Research in the provincial scene in Alberta shows much what they did last December, with 38% PC (=), 29% Wildrose (+6), 14% Lib (+2), 13% NDP (=), and 3% Alberta Party (-3). Minor differences, all changes except one within the 3% MOE - that exception being the six-point gain for Danielle Smith and the Wildrose Party (I keep wanting to say Alliance).

Through my projections I would get 57 PCs, 20 Wildrosers, 7 NDP, and 3 Liberals (Forum's own projections showed 57-17-5-4, but that's with the current legislature - mine have the new boundaries). So, still a PC majority, but Forum is showing a trend upward for the Wildrosers.

Interestingly enough, Forum also asked whether people approved of the jobs being done by Premier Redford, WP leader Danielle Smith, and ALP leader Raj Sherman, apparently not concerned about NDP leader Brian Mason or Alberta Party leader Glenn Taylor for odd reasons that, well, we have no rhyme or reason for... but I digress. Smith is the most-approved-of leader with 40%, Redford second with 39%, and Sherman with just 24%. A bit of scrolling reveals that Redford's approval/disapproval is almost even; nearly 40% of respondents don't have an opinion of Sherman; and 27% of people don't think Danielle Smith is hot. So you can imagine how the scales tip here.

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