Friday, January 27, 2012

Mulcair Absent from Montréal Debate; People Realize He's on to Something

Because while five of the eight Dipper leadership contenders are wasting their time in a little-watched debate that no one cares about aside from their own supporters, he's out shaking hands and getting votes in the East Island. To point out, so was Paul Dewar, except in St. John's.

Seriously, the only reason Topp and co. wanted Mulcair there was to throw a few barbs his way by attacking the "right-wing government" of Jean Charest (which Mulcair was a minister in). That's about the extent of the interest I think anyone had in the debate. To see that little spark.

These debates are stale, they're full of utter agreement, they're boring and there's too many of them. Lord knows I agree with the concept that the more the voters get to see of your candidate, the better the chance of getting your message across, but this is ridiculous. Who watches these things? I don't anymore.


  1. Volkov, how are you going to vote in the NDP leadership race?

  2. Good question: obviously I can't actually vote but I'd be stuck between Mulcair and Dewar. However this is like saying I'd vote for Mitt Romney; its not necessarily that I like the guy or his positions, but he's less scary than the rest of them (after Huntsman dropped out anyways).

    I also kind of like Martin Singh. He'd be an interesting pick for your party as leader. Very practical guy. No chance of winning however.