Sunday, January 29, 2012

How the LPoC Can Win a Few Extra Voters of Inconsequential Value

I hate to say it but I disagree with BCL over this post:
A formal ban would kill that cursed pipeline; an informal ban suggests opposition to it but plays about with semantics.  Nevertheless, its a start.

Nevertheless, this should also lay down a marker for the other LPoC leadership potentials.  The Libs should stand with B.C. and against Northern Gateway (and opposed to Alta., where they have no hope anyhow).
This stems from Rae saying he'd like an informal ban against tankers going up and down BC's northern coast. Then it sort of transfers over to the Northern Gateway pipeline.

I'd just like to say: BC voters and so on already have all of those qualities in the NDP, so why the heck would they want to split the vote with the LPC? Nevermind the fact that those ridings are already Conservative locks even with the NDP's stance on these issues. It won't win us many voters and it's of little strategic value overall.

Plus, and I don't know how well this will go over, it's bad policy in my opinion. You can raise legit concerns over tankers passing near the BC coast, but... meh, they've got to go somewhere.

Then again I am just a Toronto elite, so I probably shouldn't say such things without knowing what I'm really talking about on the policy front. But strategically, it's a dud. Might even allow more Cons in to be honest...


  1. God, all this talk of moving the party to the far left makes me want to vomit.

  2. That's why you need to be involved... counteract what makes you sick!

  3. Because all the votes to be had on this issue are on the NDP side.

    And, no, the tankers can't go anywhere until they are given permission.Please don't grovel to the oil patch before you have to.

    Believe me, all the CPoC ridings you say are a lock will abandon them if they try to ram this through.

  4. I'm not saying they HAVE to be, but that we're a bit late to the game now, aren't we? We can take positions but it's pretty clear who's consistent on the subject...

    I like the oil patch...

    And I don't think so. They've stood up for a lot of bullshit before from the Alliance, from the PCs, and so on... these are Conservative ridings. Not saying we can't chip away by going at them over the issue, but I note two things:

    1. It's a crowded field with the NDP and the Greens both attempting to jump on it with stronger organizations than we have in these areas.

    2. It's not necessarily consistent with our views.

    The first is obvious, it'll just split the vote, and as I said, these voters would likely go to the NDP over us anyways.

    This is because of just historical voting patterns and the fact is that Liberals aren't as vocal against this issue, and I don't just mean the party establishment... the grassroots isn't exactly up in arms either. Maybe some segments are but not a heck of a lot.