Monday, January 23, 2012

End of the Sovereigntist Option?

Yessir I do believe it is, especially if certain allegations are proven true:
Former BQ MP Michel Guimond contends that someone close to the Bloc leaked the information.
“It has to be someone close to the party,” Mr. Guimond told Montreal radio station FM 98.5. “It is someone who wants to harm Mr. Duceppe and sabotage efforts by those who want him to become PQ Leader."
... Former PQ leader Bernard Landry will publish a letter in Quebec newspapers on Tuesday in which he is expected to question Ms. Marois’s leadership credentials.
First comes the collapse in the polls... then comes the defections... now we see the infighting coming out to the surface, in a possible career assassination from an internal source. And I can't wait to see this Landry letter.

And I agree with Michel Guimond, I feel like it's more than likely an internal leak rather than someone from the outside. Especially considering that if it was true that Duceppe put that staffer on the public dime, you don't think the federal Conservatives would've jumped on it the first chance they got?

Let me just remind you the current state of political affairs in Quebec:

Unless there is a miracle turnaround in the next year, the pequistes are done. Simple as.

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