Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Don't Understand SOPA? Listen to This

A few people don't understand exactly what the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and "Protect IP" Act (PIPA) is, and why Wikipedia is unusable because of their opposition to it. Well, if you have 20 minutes free, listen to this Youtuber (TotalBiscuit), a gamer and UK law graduate, explain:


  1. I don't really understand this whole thing but knowing the Americans it will be all about money and greed. I watched Zeitgeist a few days ago this sounds like what the Americans did with 911, that was all about money.

    I really do hate the Americans, scum of the earth! And this country promotes land of the free. Ha yeah right!

    I hope this doesn't go ahead.

  2. 1. No offense, but around 95% of Zeitgeist is utter crap and full of misinformation, told from one viewpoint and derisive of any others. It's unsourced and makes a mockery of anything called "investigative journalism." Read this whole website here - follow the chapters on the left panel - and you'll see why.

    2. Don't hate Americans in general, most are very nice and honest.

    3. It's likely about money, yes - though it also involves what people have justly argued is their intellectual property and the fight against online piracy which is a problem, not just for the major industries but for consumers as well. We suffer with lower quality services and potential issues when we resort to piracy. As TotalBiscuit pointed out, however, bringing forward the censorship bill isn't the way to do things. Improving services and making paying for them worthwhile is how these companies can battle piracy.

    4. Don't be so vitriolic, please and thank you.