Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bob Rae - the Most Approved-Of Political Leader in Canada?

I kid you not. Look at this:
Rae shows surprising strength for a caretaker... With 44-per-cent approval, he eclipses the prime minister’s rating and with only 25 per cent disapproval he has some receptivity from Canadians if he should decide to throw his hat in the ring again. One striking finding for those who caution about his Ontario record as an unshakable albatross: Rae fares better in Ontario than in the rest of the country and he has a very even distribution of approval across most regions.
 That is absolutely un-fucking-believable. To see all the data tables you have to scroll down a bit, but it is.... odd.

In fact, 48% of Ontarians surveyed by Ekos approve of Bob Rae. 43% of Quebeckers feel the same way. Heck, even more Albertans approve of him than they disapprove.

That's better than Harper, better than McGuinty, much better than Turmel (except in QC)... it's Raemania.


  1. You want Rae? Go for it and may the chips fall where they may.

  2. I don't want Rae... I think I've made that pretty clear over, like, my lifetime.

    And don't knock EKOS - Graves does a good job usually. Not saying his poll numbers are perfect, but he does reflect trends well.

  3. I suppose in comparison to Harper and Turmel, Rae looks pretty good. It'll be interesting to see if he holds those numbers with the new NDP leader.

  4. "I don't want Rae... I think I've made that pretty clear over, like, my lifetime."

    Fair enough. But I was actually referring to the Liberals in general, not you in particular.