Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Why do you read Blunt Objects?

If you'd be so kind to take a simple minute out of your day, there's a poll to the left that will help me decide the future of this blog and what's written in it.

It's pretty simple: why do you come and read this blog? There are five options there, plus a "none of the above" option, for those who are feeling picky. You can pick which options you feel most represent why you read this blog (try not to click ALL, thanks), and if you have any comments, suggestions, and whatnot, please just post below. Any commentary is welcome, feel free to cuss me out if that's your thing.

Just to quickly go over the options:

Why do you read the blog Blunt Objects?

1. For the commentary by the authors (personal opinions expressed)
2. For updates on polls, including projections, seat changes, by-elections, and so on (federal and provincial)
3. For updates on relevant news for federal political watchers, with the Liberal focus
4. For the news on international elections and politics, including the US, UK, and other countries
5. For information relating to provincial politics, including Ontario and Quebec politics
6. None of the above (please comment why in the post "Why do you read Blunt Objects?")

Poll is open until January 7th at 6:00 PM. Your help is greatly appreciated, and I hope everyone has a lovely new year!


  1. Volkov I have been reading your blog for some time now and I hope you don't stop writing for a long long time.

    Happy New Year.

  2. For a Liberal, you're pretty open-minded. You cut through the BS and don't buy the party line when it doesn't make sense (even when your fellow Liberals try the old 'peer pressure' tactic on you). You can also criticize the Conservatives without expressing outright hatred for us. In short, you're more mature than Warren Kinsella, Red Tory, and Big City Liberal combined...

    You also have some interesting opinions when it comes to polls and statistics (professional experience?).

  3. I started reading it because of your election projections. I currently read it, and my other political blogs, because its on my list of bookmarks and and there's no reason to remove it :P

  4. vanillaman,

    Appreciated, and I will continue to blog for quite a long time yet. I just want to see what content people are picking up on, and how to break out into the bigger leagues eventually.

    Fred from BC,

    Well, thank you very much - that's kind of what I am trying to go for. I am an unapologetic Liberal partisan, of course, but it's not worth it to be close-minded and wholly-embracing of the Party's line. It just makes you another extension of the apparatchik.

    Sadly I don't have any professional pollster experience, but those links to sites on the right side, down quite a bit now, the top half are all polling sites. If you read that lot often enough, you pick up on what you should look out for in terms of trends, models, samples, and so on.


    Hopefully there won't ever be a reason to remove it! Besides, all my projections are now based off of your Electomatic Teddy, plus or minus a few tweaks, and it can't be done without it now.

  5. To find out why my country is going to the dogs and whether there are people out there with any ideas. My number one involvement in politics is due to environmental pollution of the tar sands. I'm a green, but liberal in voting most of the time.