Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Weapons Grade Uranium Going to the U.S.? Quel surprise.

Yep, that's right folks - Canada, one of the largest uranium producers (if not, really, the best) is shipping weapons-grade uranium, apparently enough to make more than a few Hiroshima-size bombs, to the United States, travelling throughout our fair land in collision-resistant, anti-theft, super-duper-controlled containers that you just know are going to fail and poison/kill/mutate us all.

I'm not shocked in the least by this revelation, nor do I really have a problem with it. I mean, we have both the capability to make it and we have the stockpile that, frankly, we are not going to use. Shipping it to the United States which has both the capacity to utilize it (heh) and/or safely store it is not a bad idea, especially if we are paid for these shipments.

The supposed "reason" - that terrorists might catch us Canucks off guard - is kind of bullshitty. Maybe not, as I can see the Americans being that paranoid for sure, but there's probably another reason why this uranium is being shipped to the US. I don't necessarily think its for weapons as the term "weapons-grade" automatically connotes in the minds of the public (thank you, media), but it could be going there for processing, storing, utilization in testing or other some such purposes that, frankly, once it leaves our hands into the capable hold of the Americans, is not really our concern.

(That isn't to say we should ask for some accountability - after all, look what happened when we gave India some reactors.)

The problem, of course, arises from the fact that the Harper government felt the need to hide it from the rest of us. What the effing heck for? It's just uranium for God's sake. Not only do I guarantee it wouldn't have been an election issue, but that anyone truly concerned about it - mostly Greenies and Dippers - weren't going to vote Conservative anyways.

This government's secrecy has now allowed it to seem like we needed to hide it for some weird reason, when we never did at all. Every time you shoot another hole in your boat, Cons, the greater the chance of sinking it is.

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