Thursday, December 1, 2011

Someone's Pushpolling Against the BC Liberals...

This ironically titled "Integrity BC" poll done by Oracle Research (they did all those riding-by-riding polls for Project Democracy) is just so overtly a push poll it hurts.

First, we have this question:
“In May this year Christy Clark ran in a by-election in Vancouver-Point Grey but did not attend any all candidates’ meetings saying that she was busy doing other things.”
“Please rate your level of agreement with the following statement using a scale from one strongly disagree to five strongly agree.”
"Knowing this makes me have a more unfavourable opinion of Christy Clark?"

That's not exactly a proper, unbiased question. The results had 70% having a lesser opinion of her.


"Despite making the promise not to sell BC Rail, the Liberal government leased it to Canaidan National Railway for 990 years. In your opinion, is this an example of a broken promise?"

And then:

‘While the Basi and Virk criminal charges were before the courts the BC Liberals refused to answer any questions about BC Rail whether they related to Mr. Basi and Mr. Virk or otherwise. The NDP have tabled 100 questions in the legislature which remain unanswered.

I was going to give Adrian Dix and co. a break here, but that last bit kind of gives it away in my opinion. After all, why would John Cummins' Conservatives say that if they didn't need to? They wouldn't.

What do you think? It's obviously push polling against Christy Clark and the BC Liberals - one doesn't ask and phrase questions like that if they're not intending to cast a negative opinion about the individual in question. But who commissioned it? And what is Integrity BC's true intentions? Is it maybe an NDP front? Hmm.

If you care, the vote intention results have the BC NDP at 44%, the BC Liberals at 25%, the Greens at 16%, and the BC Conservatives at 15%. Even if this poll wasn't terribly biased, it's be very questionable, given that they have the Greens about 10% higher than any other pollster since a year ago. Those votes apparently were taken from the Liberals, who are roughly down 10%. Kind of a major issue, no?


  1. I'm not surprised that the greens are up. Quite a number of members of the BC Liberal's left-involved party members in fact- have been openly discussing voting for the greens in protest. Recent events have give many the impression that Clark is and will be pandering to the right to hold on to potential cummins-voters, only to alienate her left further. It's gonna be a messy election, folks

  2. This lets us know how far down the Liberals could go.