Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oh, Get the Fuck Over Yourselves Media

So Trudeau lets a few shits go and Bob Rae rightly asks what BS is occurring among the Liberals. Who the fuck cares?

Cuss words are, yes, unparliamentary and they are disrespectful. But why is it news? It shouldn't be, because Canadians have seen more than their fair share of reasons to call Minister Kent a piece of shit, not to mention the other 90% of Stephen Harper's caucus which act like they truly are, including Harper himself.

We all let a few cuss words go now and again. It's not news. Especially among my generation. Just stfu and go on to actual noteworthy news, like the crap that caused Trudeau to say what he did in the first place. Jeesh.


  1. It's funny with the right - especially the conservative media - that contempt, lies, ripoffs are all OK but let a 'bad word' slip and all hell breaks loose.

  2. Yes, well, we wouldn't want to offend the moral fabric of Canada with a few cusses, would we?

  3. "Get the Fuck Over Yourselves Media" I like it.

    I agree with Justin's description to an extent. I would have called Kent a lot worse than a piece of shit. At least shit contributes to the environment unlike Kent and the other Harper acolytes.