Tuesday, December 13, 2011

No Prima Facie Breach of Cotler's Privilege - Speaker Scheer

And unlike Warren Kinsella, I tend to agree with Scheer's ruling.

The fact is that there's little in the way of any sort of precedent that I can find with a small cursory glance to prove Cotler's face of a breach of his parliamentary privilege. Granted, I'm not in any way qualified to say what is and is not a breach of parliamentary privilege, but I know enough that Scheer isn't lying through his teeth as Kinsella assumes.

Parliamentary privilege is breached when an MP is unable to perform the duties of his or her office due to some existential situation or body (or another MP). Unfortunately for Cotler, there's no real proof that his office has been affected in such a way that he can't perform his duties in the House or in his constituency due to these overwhelming amounts of calls and so on. He's obviously been active on committee and working hard to provide real opposition to the Conservative government, so really, how much could this be affecting him?

Granted it's a huge disservice to Cotler for this to go on, and Scheer noted that in his ruling. It is absolutely disgraceful. Almost disgusting, really, for the Conservatives to pull this crap. But there's no case to be made. Sorry Irwin.

Luckily for Cotler though, its news that sure isn't to escape the ears of Mount Royal residents. It's possible that they even shot themselves in the foot on this one, with their arrogant excuses for these tactics. I suspect in the end that Cotler really pushed the issue to bump it up in the news, rather than expecting a favourable ruling. I think it worked in that regard for sure.

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