Thursday, December 8, 2011

MacKay's Obviously Got Nothing to Hide

That's why he's threatening to sue any MPs that question his version of events surrounding the use of Armed Forces choppers to shuttle himself to events in his riding, versus the actual facts.

That's a nice lesson to teach kids, isn't it? If you refuse even question my story, despite all evidence to prove it wrong, I'm going to sue you, you bastards.

I've tried to avoid getting too much into these Conservative mini-scandals because its proven fairly ineffective in dealing with the larger Conservative problem we have. However, the incredible arrogance of this statement by MacKay strikes me as what is terribly wrong with the governing party, similar to what happened to the Liberals once we got too cozy. These guys need to be sent some sort of message or else it's not just this horrible policy that will be shoved down our throats, but the arrogance as well.

And sadly, comparisons to the old 80's and early 2000's Liberal Party can be drawn very directly. After all, we have a governing party which has won three elections in a row, now sits with a comfortable majority, and has an organizational and monetary advantage over their opposition. It's not a surprise we've got people like MacKay letting things go to his head.

You may want to expect a few more MacKay's on this ride, Canada. He's just the beginning.

An even worse consideration? MacKay could have, realistically, been something of an opposite pole to Harper within the Conservative Party - we've seen him act as one before - but this scandal just distracts him from doing his job. Harper is probably smiling right now.

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