Monday, December 26, 2011

Garneau Takes One Step Forward for Liberalkind....

(Sorry for my lack of posting, but I'm currently on vacation in the south.)

Marc Garneau, MP for Westmount-Ville-Marie since 2008 and the first Canadian in space, has admitted that he is seriously considering a run for the top job of the current pile that makes up the Liberal brand.

Garneau also wanted to become interim head of the Liberals before stepping aside in favour of Bob Rae to be acclaimed by the executive.

So what does it mean? Well.... nothing, not so far out from the leadership convention slated for mid-2013. But it does give us at least one face to compare to the field of NDP leader wannabes so far (minus one, poor unilingual Chisholm). It also lends some credence to the idea that someone wants the job other than Rae.

That actually knocks one individual off my list of "people who I expect to run" - that being LeBlanc, Garneau, Kennedy, David McGuinty, Brison, and Rae.  It also takes him off the list of "people who I want to run" - or Wrzesneyskyj, Garneau, Brison, Hall Findlay, and some little-known young politician who takes the status-quo as it is and faceplants it into a wall (which, evidently, Garneau is waiting for as well).

Who's next to announce their intentions?

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